CBM Asset Classification using Machine Learning Module

roto_imageML.mlproj for iOS®/iPadOS®

  • Created: 11 Nov, 2021
  • Update: 16 Dec, 2021

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roto_imageML.mlproj is an iOS®/iPadOS® module that provides image recognition for the Condition Based Maintenance Industry. The library recognizes industrial assets and provides the metadata and tools to classify and identify them.


Follow the steps below to install the roto_imageML.mlproj module

  1. Drag and drop the roto_imageML.mlproj file into your Xcode project

Configuring your project

  1. Define the ML module in your image viewcontroller class:
    let assetClassificationModel = roto_imageML()


  1. Below is a simple test with different CBM assets


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Version 1.01 (16 Dec, 2021)

  • Updated Added more assets

Version 1.0 (11 Nov, 2021)

Initial Release