Controlling high speed camera shutter rate to detect vibration motion

rotoTach for iOSĀ®

  • Created: 23 Jan, 2023
  • Update: 23 Jan, 2023

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rotoTach is an iOSĀ® module that provides control of the high speed camera shutter of some iOS devices and generates a frame controlled real-time video output


Follow the steps below to install the rotoTach module

  1. Drag and drop the roto_tach.framework file into your Xcode project
  2. Select the "Embed & Sign" option in the Framworks, Libraries and Embedded Content menu
  3. Import the roto_tach.framework to your project class

Configuring your project

    In your project import roto_tach/rototach.h and use as follow:

        #import "roto_tach/rototach.h"
        int numberOfFrames = 60;  //sample value
        int shutterRate = 240;    //sample value
        imageView *real_time_video = [rototach realTimeVideoWithNumberOfFrames:numberOfFrames withShutterRate:shutterRate];


  1. Download the app from the link in the main page to test the functionality in your iOS device


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Version 1.0 (23 Jan, 2023)

Initial Release